Job Scheduling - Restore Schedule not working

Hi all we’re currently on Epicor ERP 10.2.700.28 and are close to going live with Scheduling / MRP and I’ve had an issue when testing the Job Scheduling Board which has me a little confused……I’m not sure whether I’m understanding the functionality of the job scheduling board correctly or whether I’m doing something wrong….

  1. In Job Scheduling I saved schedule (as starting point)
  2. I moved some jobs around to reschedule and applied changes
  3. I then restored original schedule saved in step 1.

I would have expected everything to go back in the schedule to where it started but it didn’t

Am I doing something wrong or have I missed a step?

Any advice would be appreciated…Thank you

there are two concepts here that we need to recognize

  1. a job has a schedule… it is what is actually the job’s schedule that is used
  2. a job has a special “What If” schedule… it is temporary

Inside the Job Scheduling Board, when you drag around a schedule, you are actually moving the What IF schedule. once you like it you choose to “Accept all changes” and the What If is copied to the regular schedule.

We do have the option to “Save” a schedule… this is actually saving the current What-If to a name. You can save multiple different what-if schedules, and then restore them later.

so… you can do the following:

  1. save the what-if
  2. reschedule
  3. accept the change
  4. restore the what-if
  5. (at this point, the restored what-if has not been accepted… so the job is still the new schedule)
  6. Accept the change
  7. NOW you are back to the original schedule.

By the way… if you do a regular schedule, you can also choose “What-If schedule” which will only reschedule the special schedule.
Same for Global Rescheduling… you can have it globally reschedule the What-IF and then later accept teh what if’s…