Jobs scheduled on weekends

Finite Resources. Updated Prod Calendars (Strictly M-F). Ran “Generate Shop Capacity Process” but still seeing Jobs being scheduled over the weekend? How do we get Epicor to truly consider the weekend as NOT having available capacity?

did you reschedule the Jobs?
the system will not schedule work if the date is not available on the calendar. but also, if you look at the job scheduling workbench, you will see the work crosses over teh weekends/non-working date, but it is not actually scheduling time during that timeslot… for example, if you have a 10 hour operation, and it starts at the beginning of the day on Friday, it will book all of friday, and then 2 hours on Monday. it will cross over the weekend.

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Also, make sure the calendar hierarchy does not have any calendars with weekend workdays still. Check the Scheduling technical reference for more details, but if any resource has a calendar, it’s used before the Resource Group’s calendar, which is used before the Site calendar, which is used before the Company Calendar.