Epicor Scheduling Job Start On Non-Work Day/Weekend

We’re having trouble where Epicor will schedule a job to start on a non-work day/weekend. It is blocked out on the calendar but it is still scheduling the job. Anyone else experience this issue? Is there a fix for it?

Here’s how it happens (sometimes):

User creates a job
User engineers job
User goes to Actions -> Schedule -> Job Scheduling
User chooses Backward scheduling and clicks OK
Job gets scheduled to start on a Sunday when it shouldn’t be able to

It doesn’t always do this but we have a job or two pop up once or twice a month with this happening. Epicor hasn’t been able to give us an answer.

How many shifts do you have? It could be an issue between the date on the client, vs the date on the server.

There are places in in E10, where the date is off by a day, because of differences between UTC, and local times. Particularly when when something is scheduled to happen at the couple of hours befoe or after midnight. It sets the time based on your local time, but uses the date from the server.

In our case a scheduled event at 11:00 PM EST (which is 3:00 AM UTC but the next day) on M-F, sometimes causes the next event to be scheduled “a day early”. Like the Moday event gets scheduled for Sunday.

We only have two shifts. I checked the server and the server time and date are correct.