[Kinetic 2021] Saving Personalization results in Invalid Company

Good morning everyone,

We have an issue where one of my users is trying to add a personalization to a dashboard.

The company matches their modules and dashboard, so everything is happening in 1 company.

When they go to save they get an error that says only “Invalid company”.

Any advice is welcome!

Additional info:

  • All other users were created in E10 prior to the Kinetic update.
    This user is new and created during the Kinetic Update.

Bumping this, we have this issue coming up again.

You might be able to get some more info from the error by looking at the server event logs when it happens.

Thank you! I’ll take a look and see if I can find the exact point that it fails.

Update: We figured it out.
The user was logged into an incorrect usergroup on their PC (not in epicor).

@ChrisGergler I actually just encountered this same thing and wanted to add an extra note here for anybody else searching the forums here. In my case the customer needed to do a ‘Clear Client Cache’ from ‘More Settings’. I believe that the issue was that we copied the menu entry in Menu Maintenance to the current company so that we could apply a customization to it and that perhaps there was some caching of the old form / menu entry details.