Launch Quick Search Entry for a field only accessible by binoculars

I’d like to make a quick search for PO Suggestions, but can only get to the search dialog through the binoculars so there is no “Right-Click>Quick Search Entry”. Is there a way to create a quick search without going through the right-click menu?

Did you ever figure this out? I also would like to know.

I had looked at using a uBAQ to add the quick search, but ran out of time and it fell off my list. I can’t recall making any real progress on it.

Ha ha I am doing that now.

You might be able to invoke the quick search programatically if you find the name of it (use trace)

//launch special search to retrieve pending PO receipts r
			object ret = ProcessCaller.InvokeAdapterMethod
						(oTrans.EpiBaseForm, "QuickSearchAdapter", "ShowQuickSearchForm", new object[] 
						{oTrans.EpiBaseForm, "YourQuickSearchIDHere", true/* multi-select */, new DataTable() });
			// user cancelled
			if (ret == null) return;			
			ArrayList list = (ArrayList)ret;

Where would I invoke it?

Well you’d have to tie it to some event, like a button click.


I don’t think I can customize the Basic Search form.

What exactly are you trying to do?
The code above it to invoke a search that may not otherwise be clear on how to invoke it and return back the results.

Looking to add a quick search to inspection processing entry. All I have is the binocular icon so I can’t follow the typical documentation on how to create a quick search.

maybe this would help. In mine, I created a quick search for Inspection Processing Entry and then call a custom BAQ to return results back to the appropriate dataview(s)


Thanks man, I will try to figure that out.

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You can make your Quick search the Base Default Search.


Vinay Kamboj

Take a look at this thread : Advanced Search SugPODtl - #7 by pawel.malicki

1- Add the field SugNum to the grid or add a textbox binded to this field in a temporary customization
2- Right click on the field - quick search
3- Create your quick search and check the Base default check box, otherwise it will never show. This problem seems to be specific to the New Po Sugg menu

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Hi Mathieu,

I am looking at doing the steps you listed. Is this correct?

Thanks in advance


Sounds good, have you tested it ? Does-it work ?

Hi Mathieu

It still doesn’t seem to work.