Maintenance schedules

We scheduled preventative maintenance by creating an internal job. We
created a separate work center and operations for it. We then manually
scheduled the dates to complete the maintenance through the visual
scheduling screen.

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure the work center has no burden rates, and that
anyone who charges time to the operations does NOT have a labor rate. If
they do, create a ghost employee that you can use. Otherwise, you will
build WIP until the job is closed. Accountants don't like that (I know I
used to be one).

You can of course capture costs if you have everything set up correctly, but
it can be a pain. Proper product groups to charge internal costs to proper
maintenance G/L accounts. You must then also complete these operations with
quantities through some method. And you must "ship" the completed
quantities to relive the WIP to the proper expense account, or receive them
to inventory (which is actually an expense account).

That's what we have done. HTH. Feel free to call me for any further

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Does any use Vantage to schedule preventive maintenance? If there is a
separate module to do this, we do not have it, and will not be buying it. I
was curious if there was a "limited" way of doing this w/o buying this