Mass Issue creates Part Trans for Inactive part (possible bug?)

We’re in the process of cleaning up P/N’s, (replacing P/N’s like XHREBAR-3/8" X 20' with RM-0015), and found that mass issuing parts will drive the QOH of an inactive part negative.

First off, I’m surprised that you can mark a part as Inactive if there is demand on a Job (JobMtl.Issued complete = false, on open jobs). You’re prevented from making one inactive if there are open order or PO lines for it.

Seems like a bug to me. Since you are prohibited from setting a part to inactive when there is QOH.

Also, if you do a manual Issue Material, you’ll get:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a Job, add a part to be made inactive (but is still currently active).
  2. Engineer and Release the job
  3. Set that part to inactive (which you can only do if: there is no QOH AND not on open orders or POs)
  4. Do a mass issue to the job.

Here’s the Mass Issue screen before hitting OK


For whatever reason, the Mass Issue window shows the qty I just issued, but it doesn’t apply to the Qty To Isue


Here’s the QOH (from Part Master). The QOH prior to the Mass Issue was zero.


And the Production detail shows the transaction happened.

More info…

In the above test, the part was left as Qty Bearing = TRUE after making it inactive.

After resetting everything (Had to use Mass Return", as a manual return balks at the part being inactive), I set the QtyBearing to False, then did a mass issue.

This time, the mass issue did not create a change to the QOH, and no Part Trans show up on the Production detail.

Regarding the inactive flag on a part…

You cannot:

  • Make a part inactive if any of the following are true:
    • There is non-zero QOH
    • There is open demand on a SO
    • There are open PO lines
  • Enter an inactive part on a SO (haven’t checked if you can convert a quote with an inactive part to a SO)
  • Enter an inactive part on a PO
  • Manually add an inactive part to a job
  • Do a Qty Adjust

You can:

  • Make a part inactive regardless of any of the following:
    • Part is on an active BOM
    • Demand exists via an open Job (regardless of being issued complete)
  • Add the inactive part to a job by using get details
  • Create part transactions using Mass Issue and Mass Return (only if part is Qty Bearing)
  • Do a Cost Adjust on an Inactive part (must manually enter P/N, search is limited to active parts)
    • This can create GL trans if QOH of inactive part is non-zero.