Master Pack error when using Part on the Fly

We found that the latest Cloud Upgrade is throwing an error when the Customer Shipment Pack has a Part on the Fly and we try to Master Pack it will not let us. If the customer shipment pack has a part master part then there is no error

I have heard of this happening in two different customer environments. Anyone else see this in their Pilot testing? This will shut down our shipping after the live upgrade this evening. Anyone else experience this?

… really?

Yeah we have tried it both in Kinetic and Classic. We have an Epicor ticket in for this. Anyone else using Master packs with POF on the customer pack should test in Pilot right away

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The issue with Parts on the Fly in Kinetic 2022.2 has been identified and the correction will be patched in to the existing 2022.2 Cloud environments and will be included in this weekends Cloud Production Upgrade.

We got our Cloud update put on hold as our pilot database with that update isn’t working. The people working on the case with Epicor are looking into it. Are you saying this is already being addressed? It still isn’t working with our pilot database that was recently patched before the update was supposed to go live this weekend.

Fix is hot in from Apps Development - your Pilot environment will be updated shortly.

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I work with Guy and I am being told it is going to take a while for this to get fixed. They are holding off on our upgrade this weekend until we prove out that any fix they create works in our Pilot environment that is at 2022.2.3.

Nope - it is fixed. Your Pilot environment will be updated shortly.
Update - your Pilot environment is ready for testing this issue.

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Way to go Rich!

Thanks Utah, but I am just the reporter.

We have a good team and we have very close coordination between Development, Support, and Cloud Ops - especially as we prepare for a Release Upgrade.

That I know and trust! Thanks for updating the users!