Material Queue Manager - Options Greyed Out

Hi everyone,

I’m running 10.2.400.24 and I’m having an ongoing issue with several sales orders that have been long since fulfilled and the items shipped out the door, but the releases are still open in the system. Attempting to close the release lines gives a “Referenced by at least one Material Queue” error.

All KB articles and such point to going into the Material Request Queue and deleting the offending queue line, and, if the line is unavailable there, opening Material Queue Manager, finding the offending line, and assigning it to yourself and then deleting.

I can get to the Material Queue Manager step, but can’t assign or do anything with the MQM at this point, as all options are greyed out:

Selecting any other queue entry changes nothing - I’m unable to do anything with the queue entries, even the most recent ones.

Am I missing something really obvious here? Is there a permissions setting somewhere that I need to give myself?

I really appreciate any help in advance.


@maihardu Welcome. To use the queue manager you have to be a warehouse manager. This KB should help. If you have 13K of queue entries you may need to get a datafix to do a mass clear out of unprocessed entries.

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Oh man @gpayne thank you so much! I figured I was overlooking something!

I was able to successfully delete the material queue line and the order was able to be closed.

As far as the queue length, I agree with you there - they have quite a few older entries dating back to 2018 that could stand to be removed.

Again, thank you so much for your help!

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