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Hi there Epicor folks!

We are in the process of building a new menu, one that makes it easier for us to determine user levels. The are 2 folder levels, Department, level. Within each level folder will be functions specific to that user level.

Now comes the most laborious part of the menu build process; adding the functions to the sub folders. There are 1232 functions to add and each consisting of the painstaking process using the Menu Maintenance that has zero auto population capabilities…

My question is, is there an easier / faster way? Can it done with a BAQ? Is there a dashboard available to use? Has anyone built a tool that makes this process any easier that what it is? Drag n Drop from a list of available functions would amazing and also quite common in 99% of other software…

Any help greatly appreciated for this brain numbing task :slight_smile:


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You are a brave soul. We wish you luck.

Going down that path will be a significant amount of work.

Plan accordingly because you don’t want to do it twice.

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Lol thanks. We dont have much of a choice, we had to demonstrate clear cut separation of duties and isolate functions we dont use. Seems much easier to focus on what we do use.

Im almost there now, adding the functions.

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Back a decade ago I laid them all out in excel and DMT’d them in with a structure like this, but it has since fallen apart.


Oh I get it. Sometimes you do what you gotta do.

Well the menu is complete and works like a charm. Looked into DMT and i almost had it working but there was an issue with any BAQ report. I had it correct but there were errors so i finished it all by manual entry.

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Great work,
Enjoy your future menu maintenance… Let’s hope you don’t have too much.

Have you considered any Kinetic implications when you were going to finally upgrade?

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Menu maintenance should be fairly straight forward. The menu was structured as user groups so


Manager menu has only the addition functions not accessible to User.

I currently have an excel document that i matrixed into Functions to Groups and then Groups to users. This will eventually become a searchable table but for now, Excel works fine.

We dont have plans to upgrade, ive been assured of that