MES User password only asks Once

We were trying to use the feature that requires a user to enter their Epicor password if they are logging into MES with their Employee ID, but it seems to only prompt the user the first time they log in. Is there a way to make the password prompt show up every time they log in with their Emp ID?

Any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:

There’s a check box to require it on the employee record. The employee then would need to log out when they are done. Then each time it asks you to input the user name and password again.

which checkbox are you referring too? which menu tab is it under, Employee, Production Info?

I was thinking it was a check box but if you associate with an user then it will ask for the log-in information.

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That makes more sense, thought I was losing it over not finding a checkbox.
Thank you! :slight_smile: