Microsoft Visual Studios Debug

I am running Epicor 10.2.500.40 and trying to run the community version of Visual Studios 2022.

I cannot get the debug in visual studios box to become available. Does anyone know if 10.2.500.40 works with 2022 or maybe it is because I have community and not pro?

Try an earlier Visual Studio version, maybe 17 or 19.


Yup 10.2.500 came out long before VS 2022 was a glimmer in M$'s eye. For 500 I’d go 17 or less to be safe.


found an old license for 2017 used by the company and I now have the option. The new problem is it launches and then crashes Epicor. I am trying with a small customization. I have also tried to open it with a base form and the same thing is happening. Maybe I don’t have the correct packages installed?

Did it just go poof or did it give you error messages and a stack trace?

Did you reboot after installing VS2017?

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I did reboot after installing and it just goes poof and closes. No error messages. checked event viewer and nothing stood out in there either.

It even goes as far as loading in the BOs and what not and then crashes.

Edit: more digging and i think it is cylance. It is not playing ince in the sandbox. I will let you know after IT side looks at it.

Cylance was the problem. Thank for the help with the version mismatch