Migrating Custom Forms

Is there a tool to easily migrate exported customization from Epicor 9 into the proper format/namespace for Epicor 10?

The upgrade process fixes “some” stuff but for the most part you’ll have to fix it yourself

In the “Customization Maintenance” under actions if you do Force Validate (if i recall correctly) it will modify most if not all of your E9 References to E10… You might have to do only a few tweaks.

If you have a more advanced Customization like one that is calling a BAQ in C# Code, it will fail to uplift that, actually it will even give you a cryptic error message that doesnt even make sense.

What you have to do for the most part is go through all your Customizations and move things around since Epicor more than likely has moved things around and added new UI Elements… causing your Customizations to probably overlap theirs.