Mobile Warehouse(Biscit)

Hi, I am having trouble with the Mobile Warehouse software or it could be with ERP 11.

I assign Employees to Warehouse Teams.

Set the handheld (Honeywell CT40) to use the Warehouse Groups to filter Material Queue from SETTINGS.

I use a BPM to automatically set the Warehouse Team in Material Queue Manager based on FROM Warehouse and Transaction Types and i release the records aswell.

The Handheld devices show all records in the material queue not filtered by the Warehouse Team (Same as Material Queue from withtin the software)
The Material Request Queue in Epicor shows ‘My Selections’ with the correct transaction types.

Dis you create a material queue query in emww to filter by warehouse team?

I have tried that and it works but we need Outbound Order to work as we need to pick by Order and there may be mutliple orders in the queue.

Do you have unique userIDs for all employees and employees assigned to the user ID.
Not Users assigned to the employee?

This is required if you use the full license and are reviewing queues.

Hi, i have the user id assigned on the employee record and the Employee assigned on the user id record. Everyone has their own user ID.

I’d love to see that BPM - which object is it on? MaterialQueue?

Hi, The main issue with this thread ended up being a bug in Fulfilment Workbench. If you print a pick note it failed, if you pressed no do not print then this worked a dream.

BPM below.

CustomCode block below.

foreach (var MtlQueue in (from MtlQueueRow in Db.MtlQueue.With(LockHint.UpdLock)
where MtlQueueRow.Company == Session.CompanyID &&
MtlQueueRow.MtlQueueSeq == MtlRecord
select MtlQueueRow))


var zone = (from mtlQueue in Db.MtlQueue
join whseBin in Db.WhseBin
on new {mtlQueue.Company, mtlQueue.FromWhse, mtlQueue.FromBinNum} equals new {whseBin.Company, FromWhse = whseBin.WarehouseCode, FromBinNum = whseBin.BinNum}
where mtlQueue.MtlQueueSeq == MtlRecord
select whseBin.ZoneID).FirstOrDefault();

if (zone == “CAR”)
MtlQueue.WhseGroupCode = Convert.ToString(“CAR”);
else if (zone == “BOX”)
MtlQueue.WhseGroupCode = Convert.ToString(“BOX”);
else if (zone == “SING”)
MtlQueue.WhseGroupCode = Convert.ToString(“BOX”);
else if (zone == “PAL”)
MtlQueue.WhseGroupCode = Convert.ToString(“PAL”);


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