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Is there an easy method in SSRS to establish where the data elements are coming from in Epicor? I’ve found elements within certain BAQ’s, but I know I’m missing a step from the query in SSRS, and I can’t locate anything that appears remotely similar in the BAQ Report Designer.

Hello and welcome.
So it sounds like you have found the dataset Query expression in SSRS.
Are you working with a BAQ Report design or Report Style based reports? So to follow it further, the Report Style will point you to a Report Data Definition. That RDD would have the design, whether it be from a BAQ or from tables and relationships specified in the design. Is this what you were looking for?

Thats the issue, I can’t locate the Style. I have the SSRS Report on the SSRS Server, I’m trying to work backward to the raw data. Is there a way of doing that?

Is the report an out of the box? If yes, what is the name of the report?


There is an out of the box form called ARPBForm. I’m assuming yours is a custom report based on the out of the box.

Opening up the out of the box version shows that it is a type of Invoice. Looking at all Report Styles that start with AR shows that it is a second report that runs with ARForm (or the main Invoice).

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Thats it, now all I have to do is figure out how these pieces fit together. Seeing as I have the style, RDD, and SSRS RDL… How would I add a field that does not exist in the current definition? Sorry new to Epicor… I’ve worked on a few database types using tons of SQL, but this is a new experience for me. First round with SSRS too.

Been there.

You need to copy the RDD and then you can edit it. I put a “_c” at the end of everything I customize so I have a consistent method. Once you create the custom RDD, you can look to see if the field you need is already in one of the tables. If it is, you just need to check it off in the RDD. Next create a new SSRS Report copying the original and save it in the Custom Reports folder. You can edit the query to add the new field in. Then you need to create a new Report Style style and use the new RDD and SSRS Report to call it.

Let us know if you have any issues and we can walk you through it. I can also do screenshots of this stuff if needed.

Steep learning curve here… I think I finally got where I need to be, but going to take a little bit of time to get the complete lay of the land. Thanks for the pointers everyone!