Monitor Part on Hand

I’ve been asked to trigger an alert (email) when a certain part is less than 25 units in inventory.
I’m sure there is a native functionality for this, but we don’t use MRP or anything fancy, just manually create a PO for the new inventory when we ship out the existing.

Is there a super simple way to do this?

The details that the devil will be in are how are you determining what the min QOH should be for which parts?

Do you need to know the instant the QOH drops below the min value? Or can you wait until the end of the day and get a report of all the parts that are currently below the threshold? If it is the later, just make a BAQ report, and then “print it” using a schedule, and send it via email.

I think ideally what they want is when a shipment goes out for these (always in batch, usually monthly), they want to make sure they replenish soon via PO.
I was thinking of monitoring the shipment itself with a BPM, if it matches the part, count up and send email? But I don’t know

You could potentially make a standard data directive on PartWhse. Youd have to subtract the values from some columns to get QOH, depending on your needs.

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Do you know which columns? It is for 1 particular part and use case, so I’d hate to build too much around it for this…

Ohh wait, it looks like this table already has an on hand qty column. Maybe you can just report on this when it drops below 25

You ever used the Kanban monitor? might work for something like this just as a way to monitor inventory levels for a part


Never even knew it existed, I might check that out too. They are of course looking for a spoon feeding scenario here :wink:

I used to use Kanban monitor when i worked at a company that didnt run MRP. Gives a nice visual when a part is below you Kanban Min.
Make sure to run through the application help. there is a little leg work for setting it up to run.