MRP Creating Jobs With Parts As Dimensioned

We used the DMT to change all of our parts from Dimensioned to Non-Dimensioned. MRP is creating some jobs with the parts still as dimensioned. Any ideas on where I should begin to look?

I’ve already checked the parts. They show as non-dimensioned. Everything looks good. Not sure where to go next.

Is there any demand that existed before you changed your parts?
e.g. Sales Orders?

Bruce, I looked at our sales orders. I don’t see anything when I look at the unfirmed job. It shows no order linked to it. These jobs autocreate through MRP but I’m not sure how or why.

And the jobs result in “finished goods” - saleable parts that can be moved to inventory or shipped to customers?

Maybe the Min Qty is set on the Part master(s)?
Or possible you have “Forecast” or a “Master Production Schedule”?

They become stock parts. We then use these parts for production.

I looked at the Part Master. No min is set. When a job requires the part, it triggers it in MRP. That’s my understanding of it.

OK… so if I understand, you are just wondering about the materials required for existing jobs. That MRP then creates jobs for those parts?
( either because the part is “non-stock” or insufficient stock qtys).

Have you tried looking at Time Phase?
It should give some idea of the demand sources for parts.

Optionally you could try running Multi-Level Pegging process - then check the Pegging dashboard. The dashboard is not exactly intuitive in V8 but there is still some good info in there once you get used to how it works.

Looking at a job that has demand for the part, it is shown as U/M of SH. This should be okay as we have other parts that have the U/M as SH and it doesn’t revert to a dimensioned part. Checking the part, it doesn’t show it as a dimensioned part either. Time phase shows demand but I cannot see where it is getting the dimensioned attribute from.

Can you post screenshots - part / job and indicate which fields?

Also, if you manually create a job and get methods from the part rev… does everything look corrrect then?