MRP Driving Unapproved Revision


Good day! It was brought to my attention today that we have some materials planning even though they are on unapproved revisions. In the screen capture below, you can see rev 05 is unapproved and rev 04 is approved. We’re finding that parts on the rev 05 are being driven by MRP. This is a phantom BOM - does that make a difference? I can see putting the effective date into the future, but I thought it would use the most recently effective approved revision when generating the job details. Maybe not? Or is there a setting somewhere that I’m missing?

I believe approved or not, if the demand requirement falls after the Effective Date, that is what will be selected by MRP. Try changing the Effective Date to 1/1/2030 or something like that and see what happens.

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Thanks, @jkane. I was not expecting that at all. Do you think that’s just for subassembly, MRP, or always? I was under the impression that without an approved revision, MRP would not pick it up. I’ll do some testing in our Test environment.

I believe it is for everything. I’m not 100% sure though, so please test.

Something else that I just thought of. If the demand is being driven by an order, check the order to see if the 05 defaulted when the order was entered.

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I am not able to replicate the issue in Test. As it turns out, it does use Approved first. A thing to consider for the next person who finds this thread is that if there are any parts with a default substitute specified. MRP will pick that up and replace the part wherever it finds it (regardless of any revision status). Do not check the Default checkbox under Part Alternates (substitute) unless you want this behavior to happen (basically ready for the change to go Live).

Nice find!!

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