MRP Job has Newer Revision than Sales Order

I have a job that is tied to a make direct sales order and the job revision is 05 where the sales order revision is 04. MRP job is unfirm. Does Epicor do this? I feel like the MRP job revision should always match the sales order line revision.

I don’t pretend to know everything about MRP, but I am slowly learning more about it. I believe that MRP only uses the latest approved revision. The only way around this is if you have the Inventory Revision Tracking module. With that, MRP should be able to use any approved revision based on what the sales order says.

Look at the field help for “Use Part Rev” field on the Part table (and also the MRP Technical Reference manual if you have it). I’m jumping into a meeting so can’t go looking, but I’ll come back later and see if that helped.

Looks like you were spot on. I didn’t realize that was connected to this… I’ve read that before but having re-read it, it says exactly this. Thank you!

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