MRP / PO Suggestions

I have a part that is showing in Time Phase MRP ran on 1/1/19. We only ran PO Suggestions and this part is marked as MFG why would PO Suggesstions picked it up and ran it?

Part is marked MFG in Detail and Site.

When you run PO suggestions, the system calls it an MRP run. We don’t use MRP at all and that’s what ours shows.

Yes, I understand that but I am trying to figure out why a MFG part was run when it should have been only Purcahse parts

Does it show different dates for different parts? Ours shows the same thing. I think that message is just the last time MRP or PO suggestions (in general) was run. I don’t think it’s per part.

Yes other parts show different dates.

Here’s the help on the Generate suggestions check box. Looks like unless you specifically filter to certain parts, even MFG parts are going to run through the PO Suggestions Process.


Didn’t think about a subcontract part…I am checking with them now.

Is it actually causing problems? Or is someone just alarmed at the message?

nope the part that ran was a Top Level MFG part.

no sure if causing problems but the question was asked why is the part getting picked up when it is a top level MFG part not a purchase or subcontract part. I want to know why too. In my mind it should not have run on that part.

I runs it just in case the part has a subcontract operation on it. If it doesn’t it doesn’t matter. And if someone runs generate PO suggestions without a filter on it, (which I would think is pretty normal) it’s going to go through the list of all of you parts to see if the suggestion needs to be created.

I really don’t think it’s anything to worry about.

What do you mean PO Suggestion without a filter? I don’t have other MFG parts that were run.

What if it is a MFG part in a Top Level MFG (no Subcontract) why would a PO Suggestion run grab that part?

If you don’t pick a site, part, part class, or product group, it’s going to run everything.

It can’t know if there is a subcontract operation on it until it looks the jobs that the part is in and check if there is a subcontract operation on it. So it’s going to looks at your demand for the part, and if there is any, check for a subcon operation, and if there is one, make a purchase suggestion. If there is not any (demand or an operations), then it doesn’t make the suggestion. It will update the last run time irregardless.

There is definatly not Subcontract operation. I checked to make sure.

We only have one site and do run it for all parts…hmm…not sure I like their logic.

Do you have any suggestions? If not, then it worked exactly like it was supposed to.

It’s just a message letting you know the last time the system looked at it.

If you look at the Sites Tab, there is a checkbox that says Generate PO Suggestions. If this box is checked, when PO Suggestions are generated, the system will create a suggestion for that part. That is why using the filters to limit what the process looks at is important.

You can’t uncheck it if part is set to MFG. I even tried by changing it to Purchase uncheck PO Suggestions then change it back to MFG. Once you change it to MFG it checks PO Suggestions. I don’t remember E9 doing that; we recently went live on E10.

I want it to look at all part but I would think it would really only look at parts set up as purchased.

A suggestion to create a job looks a lot like a PO suggestion.

I’ve found suggestions to create jobs when there is demand for a manufactured part, but no approved method.

Is that happening in your case?

NO these have approved methods and are current jobs. I just wasn’t expecting to see it a run since it was a MFG part. The question was asked and I am just trying to understand why this part ran on PO Suggestions.

Kimberly - Did you ever get a solution for this? We are having the same issue with 2 parts and I cannot figure it out either!?