MRP - Scheduled start date

MRP is not creating expedite suggestions on POs when I use today as the scheduled start date? What does the scheduled start date do? What is the recommended setting for the scheduled start date?

Personal opinion here (and I have some strong opinions in this area… so hold on):

  1. Yesterday no longer exists
  2. Today is the soonest you can get anything done
    With that in mind, date you are referring to is the date that MRP will start scheduling new jobs for material shortages. This is true UNLESS you have the setting to “Allow historical Dates” (Which again, I don’t believe in).
    I would rather disallow historical scheduling, reschedule all jobs every day, and find out which customers need to be informed that their orders will be late.
    Of course, this also means that lead times need to be accurate, as well as inventory levels, demands, etc.

All that said, there are some people that use history to decide “which is the latest” and then they work on that first… I have seen companies who are running 6-8 months (or more) behind schedule… so they set their MRP schedule start date to 1 year ago, so that MRP tells them when they SHOULD have done something. Because nearly everything is late, MRP also tells them to buy everything NOW, which of course is unnecessary because they are so far behind schedule in MFG.

Sorry for the rant… its my opinion, and you are free to disagree with it, as long as you understand that I am right in my eyes :wink:


Thanks Tim for the insight. We are one month into launch and we are behind on schedule for the most part. POs are running months late. So i use 1/1/2018 as the scheduled start date because then system is generating PO change suggestions on those late POs.

If I ever get to Insights, Tim, I’m buying you the adult beverage of your choice.

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I am guessing that you agree with me?

Amazingly prescient you are…