Multiple BAQ Reports from same BAQ

We have some sales reports that need to be run by territory. Are there any other options besides these two?

  • Make numerous BAQs with different criteria to filter to appropriate territory and map them to different BAQ reports and subsequently to different menu locations?

  • Use one BAQ with a filter that must be triggered from only 1 menu location (requiring people to specify the filter before running the report)?

The reason I ask is that the person asking me to set these up was hoping to have different menu locations that are specific to each territory. The only way to do that (as far as I know) is to make different BAQ Reports which correlate to different BAQs. Is there a better way?

Hey @dr_dan,

Depending on how this is structured, you can possibly handle this with just one BAQ and just one report. Assuming “territory” is a field that can be returned in your BAQ result set, you can then go to the report style and set a break condition on the territory (under SSRS Breaking/Routing). You could also set other features and conditions based on userID and other criteria.

Good luck,
Matthew Morgan

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I hadn’t considered the Breaking/Routing in the Report Style. That’s exactly the kind of out of the box thinking I was trying to do. Thank you.

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