My Insights session "Mastering Kinetic - Development Tips and Tricks"

Hello folks and thanks to everyone that showed up!

To anyone that missed it… the room was packed, it was the best session in the whole show, we popped champagne, and everyone carried me out on their shoulders. Catch it next year if you can =)

I’ve been told the slides aren’t showing up in the app, so I’ve attached them here. I also promised I would upload copies of my “scratchpad” Visual Studio projects, so those are here too.

If I made any other off-the-cuff promises, just let me know and I’ll do my best to keep em. Likewise if you’re having trouble finding anything we discussed, I (or one of the other helpful folks around here) can help you dig it up.

If you’ve got any questions about my various ramblings, say the word!

Thanks everyone!

My slide deck!
Mastering Kinetic - Development Tips and Tricks.pptx (14.1 MB)

Scratchpad for those ugly old classic screen customizations. (Makes sure to select “All Code” before copying your source into the solution.)
Screen Customization - ScratchPad - E11.7z (89.2 KB)

Functions Scratchpad! (Comes with bonus source for a quick and dirty custom scheduling engine)
Functions - ScratchPad2.7z (109.1 KB)

BPM Scratchpad!
BPM - ScratchPad.7z (105.6 KB)


Thanks John, your session did rock.

We knew it would, as evidenced by the level of talent in your audience.

Please do another one in Vegas.


You’re too sweet man. :heart:

I’m definitely planning to do another next year. I used to do em every year back in the day, but when I made the transition from ‘random dumb ass’ to ‘professional, certified dumb ass’ it got a bit tricky and I got out of the habit.

The rules for partners presenting are a bit stricter, (for good reason) but I think I’ve got em pretty much figured out at long last.

Unfortunately, that probably means I’m gonna have to learn some new tricks before next May…

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You teach me yours, I’ll teach you mine. :rofl:

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How to create :dumpster_fire: , my biggest talent.


@Waffqle_De_LaCroix… 'Legend"

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Great Session @Waffqle_De_LaCroix Kudos! I’ll have to meet you half way and fill in some other tips/tricks for “debugging/sandbox” tagging on to yours, soon. :slight_smile: Well Done!

There was one more thing that was kinda cool you copy the host.config from your server to a new .NET Core Visual Studio project rename it I think to app.config or web.config and .NET Core will resolve dependencies and other things for easy prototyping kinda like the LINQPad Helper, which I havent tried to make work yet with .NET Core.

Goodie Related to Sources on-prem

Related to On-Prem debugging if you have Startup issues or want some more in-depth debugging behind the scenes you can enable it in web.config


Those are some real gems. Especially that bit about pulling the .config files. That’s a totally new one to me.

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Together as a community like always we will share gems, and crack the code. I havent even touched Kinetic yet because I was waiting for stable… But I found out plenty of hacks a while ago like how to revert back to developing in .jsonc files vs db etc…

It’s just a matter of time before @jgiese.wci @josecgomez I and everyone else, like yourself. Eat it, sleep it, breathe it… there will be more… We’re still jamming to Classic UX, due to the “ever-changing” Kinetic Architecture, which seems to have stabilized alot lately.

Inspired by extension GitHub - hediet/vscode-drawio: This unofficial extension integrates (also known as into VS Code. the extension simply launches a WebView with the jsonc for editing, simple – downloads some metadata using EpAuth this that using Joses VS Code Extension and Josh/Joses npm packages… Once its stable we shall revisit :wink: for now its dead and broken and I lost it on a Docker image on a laptop that wasnt mine.


I missed this one so thanks for the slides. Hope to catch your next one in Vegas.