Office365 and E9

We recently upgraded from Office 2007/2-10 to Office 365 subsrciption per user. Now when people Right click and COPY TO EXCEL, they are getting a CANNOT LOCATE TMP file issue. This is the file that gets created in the program data directory.

Anyone else have issues like this? This was happening to me as well, but today it is not.

Yes. Epicor is working on a fix. Not sure when E9 will get it. However, @josecgomez and @ERPSysAdmin got to the bottom of it. The work-around is to press the Alt key right after selecting the Copy To Excel. This will prompt for a new instance of Excel and then it works. There’s a registry fix too but that affects copying from book to book.

Mark W.


The code change to work around the bug introduced by the 3rd party will only be included in currently maintained releases: 10.1.500.x, 10.1.600.x, 10.2.100.x,

Thank you guys.