Old Epicor Software for Sale! Buy it now! no Questions asked 🤣

Slightly off-topic, I was trying to decide if the EDS (Epicor Design System) acronym was already being used and I found this on eBay…

oh no rabbit hole…

This guy has lost his mind…

Uh… yo failed to provide the real surprise …

The asking price...


that was the “this guy has lost in mind” comment, that along with “Do not have any keys and hence not provided”

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That raises the same question as when my rare Beanie Babies show up in the “bay” for one MILLION dollars! :money_mouth_face: Who’s gonna pay\buy that!? :question: :laughing:


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Calvin, you forgot to point out that you can make an offer on it! Get it dirt cheap!! :moneybag:

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Dirt cheap for epicor software !!!

But unable to use it… :wink:

Nice one!

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While we may laugh at the thought of someone paying for that, I wouldn’t be surprised if some company running on a shoestring, wouldn’t buy it in a pinch.

Heck… a company I worked for had to buy a copy of OS/2 off of Ebay - to rebuild a computer that ran our phone system.

A quick check of Ebay shows 76 listings for people selling OS/2

I once had a coworker at a former employer (over 25 years ago) who went to China… he found that he could buy multiple “licensed copies” of Microsoft Office and Windows for $20… so, he proudly delivered them to me (the IT Manager) and I promptly told him that he was not allowed to install those on our network. They looked real, and even had the cool hologram label. Hmmm. I don’t think so.

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