One Invoice For Multiple Project Milestones

Has anyone done anything creative with being able to generate one AR invoice from multiple Project Management milestones? Out of the box, it’s a 1-1 relationship between milestone (which is tied to a sales order and line) and an AR invoice. However, when we have 30 lines on our sales order, we don’t want to send 30 invoices to the customer for each milestone during the project. We need to be able to generate 1 invoice with multiple lines from the sales order (whether that’s all 30 lines or any number of them).
Any custom ideas that someone is willing to share? :grinning: :pray:

I am afraid not possible in Epicor so far. However, suggest to make one milestone totaling of 30 SO lines. Once invoice is created, you can break the single line into 30 lines manually.

Yeah, I see what you’re saying but oof! That’s a lot of manual work on the invoice side for each sales order. I was hoping someone had come up with a little better workaround and/or even some customization/BPM work to make the process somewhat better… not seamless, just better.

Hi @scline, Did you find a solution for this? We have the exact same issue, as our invoicing process is quite complex!

No, we don’t have a solution yet. I’ve been told that Advanced Project Management does exactly what we’re looking for. However, Epicor has an integration issue with that module and is not currently offering it. I’m hopeful that it might be available again by 2024.1. So we will move to Adv. PM once it’s available. In the meantime, we are not using the project Milestone Billing functionality at all and continuing to do Advance Billing invoices (not linked to a project). :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Thank you for replying @scline. That’s not great news!.. Are you still able to report on the profitability of each of your products without using projects?

We have multiple products and services on a single sales order, with engineers booking their time to jobs; We’re under the impression that projects is the only way to collect all that income and expense info to report on together? What other functionality do you lose by not using projects?

are you referencing the Advanced Project Management solution from Precise regarding the “Epicor has an integration issue…”

I did a single invoice for multiple invoice when all were in the same group, or were printed at the same time.
The approach was - change the invoice report to print all of the invoices on one form with the first invoice being the invoice number to the customer.
In epicor, you still had multiple invoices, so when the payment came you would allocate the payment to pay off the invoices.
We set a bpm to note the “parent” invoice for the group.

I hope this helps.

Note that we do have an Epicor Idea for this Epicor Ideas Portal

This particular idea is also currently being considered for the 2024.2 release (:safe_harbor: Safe harbor… no promises yet, as we are still filtering through all the stories)… but the more votes that something has, the higher the chance it has. Currently this idea has 30 votes.

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We would love this feature as well!
The link Tim posted didn’t work for me, if others have issues try this instead: Idea KNTC-I-1998