Open a customization form from a dashboard record

I know a Context Menu Item can be created by associating a key field, for instance UD11.Key1, to open a specific customization form (or sheet). This works when opening a BAQ result list by right clicking on the UD11.Key1 field, from any BAQ where UD11.Key1 is displayed, the menu that appears will display the form option related to that field defined by the Context Menu Item. However if this same BAQ is opened with in a dashboard, the form associated previously described is not there. How can I open a specific form from a dashboard BAQ result list?

You should be able to do this if there’s a menu item that goes there, and you put that in the process id, the menu item would have the customization reference. We’ve done this is in several places and it’s always worked for us. We don’t ever use the Search Form or Zone Info tabs in Context Menu Maintenance. Now if you want UD11.Key1 to reference a different field (cust Id for example) you’d probably want to reference it in Extended Properties and set the ‘like’ values there.

Ms. Lamkin,

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my issue. I am new to Epicor and apologize of I’ve not stated my issue correctly and confused you in anyway. I’m still getting my Epicor terminology down pat. You’ve given me some things to look into, so thank you again.

I know this can be done. I’m just a little confused to see that the my BAQ works the way I want it to outside of the dashboard.

I hope to report back that it’s working.


Kent Flora

My Process ID is related to the menu item accessible in EPICOR and it works for any BAQ. But, when that BAQ is used as the report source in the Dashboard, it’s not working.

This is an example of how we tied in a context menu and a screen which has a customization.

That sets up the context so that our use of UD21.Key1 (UD21 is a child of UD20) will open the screen which is customized. Any dashbard that contains UD21.Key1 will have those context options. We deploy all dashboards as Dashboard-Assembly, which has always worked better for us than Dashboard-Runtime.