Purchase Order Tracker hangs on startup for ONE particular user no matter what PC he logs into. Everyone else's Epicor login work fine

We have one particular user account where if he tries to start up Purchase Order Tracker, it shows the screen but hangs with a “retrieving data” message in the bottom left corner and never fully opens. It doesn’t matter what PC he logs into Epicor with, it always does it. Every other Epicor user account works fine with purchase order tracker whether it is on his machine or any another. I’ve never seen this behavior before. It appears to be something on the server side, not client. Can anyone help?

Any personalization’s? Even Context Menu calling personalizations will sometimes cause issues if they are bad.

None that I know of. It was working fine until yesterday according to him. How can I check that?

I’m willing to bet there is a bad personalization. You can use developer mode in Epicor to open the screen and see if he has any personalizations on that screen

Find the one with his username, select it and click delete.

There is also personalization purge from the menu. I would go there and bring them all up for the user and sort by date and review and possibly remove any done since it was last good.

He denies he did anything but YEP, that fixed it. Deleted the personalization and all is well. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Jose…

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Thanks for the tip Greg. All is good…