Operation Schedule Not in Sync

Hi everyone,
We are figuring out with how scheduling works in Epicor.
Please see below.

It has been happening quite awhile now and we don’t know what causes this.
Can anyone provide some insights on this please.
Operation 10 is set to finish May25 but next operation is not scheduled to start until June 14 which doesn’t make any sense.

Maybe the resource(s) required for operation 20 is not available before 2022-06-14 ?

The scheduling logs are quite helpful with these issues, have you looked into them ?

The Resource Scheduling Board may also help you locate any other jobs/ops that are getting in the way.

Hi @mbilodeau ,No we didn’t.
where we can we see these scheduling logs?

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@chemuelmardie both the material and the operation 20 have red dots. This post goes over the meaning of the symbols in job entry E10 Job Entry Icons - #2 by nhutchins

I would agree with @NateS that looking in the job scheduling board could give you a clue. We have a Mold resource group that puts 4 hours of move tome for every operation. If someone put an very large move time on the resource or resource group it could move the next op a long way.