Order Job Wizard doesn't list some manufactured parts

We recently had a complaint that we shipped an order with out some materials. We tracked the cause of the missing materials down to not having a job for a manufactured part. In investigating we found it was not human error, in order job wizard we don’t have the option to create a job for the line.

I always thought you could use order job wizard to create a job for any part as long as it was a manufactured part, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. I compared two parts(one I could create a job for and the problematic part) but didn’t notice what the difference was. What other fields on the part would dictate if Order Job Wizard would allow us to create a job?

Was the order line set to make direct?

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@Banderson you are the man!!! That was the issue, not sure why I didn’t think about that. In thinking it through I realized the Make Direct flag wasn’t set because the part is marked as stocked. The issue is we don’t stock that part so it turned out to be a part setup problem. Thank you sir!

The stock/non-stock flag will default that on the order. Then after the order is created, you can change it however you need to.

That makes sense. Thanks so much for your help!