Reconfigured a part from Sales Kit to Manufactured part but can't create job via Job Wizard

We had a part configured as a sales kit incorrectly(labor is involved to ship, so we need a job with operations). I reconfigured the part from a Sales Kit to Manufactured part, but our sales team is telling me when they use Job Wizard that part didn’t show up so they couldn’t create a Job.

What might cause this? Did I miss another setting or maybe the order needs to be re-created or refreshed to see it’s no longer a sales kit?

I have seen something like this before… check the required by date on the Order DETAIL… make sure it is populated (not just the RELEASE tab but the date on the Detail)

@timshuwy No luck, below are some screenshots of the order detail, and the part to show it is manufactured, as well as order job wizard showing it’s not giving the option to create a job.

Any pointers / suggestions?

Release detail has dates:

Line detail has dates:

Part is manufactured:

Order Wizard doesn’t give option to create a job:

TypeCode is present in the PartPlant record as well. When you change a K to M, be sure to check the records under the Site tab as well, to make sure the K has gone down to that level. Sometimes Epicor shows a confirmation box and copies parent field values down to child records, but it pays to check.

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I thought order job wizard was only for make-direct? In your screenshot the release isn’t marked make direct.

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you need to check the make direct flag on the release. The system believes that this is normally a stocked item (based on the settings in the part). because of that, it will not show as a job to be made. if you click the make direct, it should also say “override” because it is normally stocked, but then you should see it in the order job wizard.

OH… and also, you dont have this marked as “FIRM” on the release. you should do that as well, otherwise, even MRP will skip this release.

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