[OT] Perspectives - LV Discount Coupons

Leaving for Perspectives now but before I go I wanted to let others going know that I found a service that may be of interest to them. Not trying to be commercial here and I hope this is OK to post since it sort of relates to Vantage. I subscribe to an email newsletter called "billhere Las Vegas" with lots of Las Vegas news. Billhere (his business name) operates a coupon service for discount coupons to restaurants and shows in Las Vegas. Mostly 2-for-1 discounts. The best part is that most of the coupons are free except for a shipping and handling charge. Some of the show discounts are pretty significant although none seem to be for the big expensive productions. Others are just coupons for funbooks and free junk at slot club sign-up booths. Best yet they apparently will deliver to your hotel so it is not too late.

Now, I've never used this service before and can't vouch 100% for it but I've corresponded with several people who have and liked it. I placed an oder this morning for about 30 coupons and am still waiting to hear from them on what the delivery charge will be to Caesars Palace. But if you want to check it out and decide to maybe try it here is their URL:


To those going - safe trip and maybe see you there. To those staying home...I'll post a recap next friday or the week after.

-Todd C.

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