Part Entry Description - Description from quote POTF description auto populates

Hello group -

  1. Create Quote - Part on the Fly - Enter part number and description.
  2. Win the work.
  3. Enter a part master - Enter part number - receive ‘Add New?’ - answer yes.

Result - the description from the quote POTF auto populates.
This only happens in Kinetic, does not happen in classic.

Bug? Intended?


I’ve seen this with Order Entry.

  1. POTF in order entry
  2. Create the Part in Part Entry – description auto-populates

And that goes as far back as I can recall (2016).

It works that way in classic for us as well (2021.2).

It’s intended. Epicor is trying to help you out by assuming that you want to use the same info. It works with POTF Purchase Order lines as well.

Well, you learn something new every day! I go back to Vantage 6.1 and either didn’t notice or didn’t care. Thanks Everyone!