Part Description field cannot be edited in PO Entry for a standard Part / Kinetic client & browser

In E10, if you enter a standard inventory Part into a PO line, you can edit the description. This is common practice with many of my customers who buy, for example, steel or aluminum in various sizes…they don’t want to create a new part for every size, or a new UOM, so they just create one generic part, and then in the PO line, they change the description to show the exact specifications.

Confirmed via testing that it’s not possible in Kinetic, both the client and the browser. Does anyone know if this is by design? I hope not!

I don’t know what version you are testing. In 2021.2, you can change the line description to whatever you want in the purchase order.


Yup you nailed it…five minutes after I posted this, Epicor Support responded and confirmed it’s because we’re on an earlier version of K2021.

Alisa, do you happen to know if they also fixed the Job Scheduling board in the later version?

Fixed how? We still use classic job scheduling board so not sure what to look for in the kinetic version.

Kinetic browser JSB, I can’t find a way to zoom in and maneuver around easily like in classic. There’s no ‘start time’ option that I can find either, just enter date instead. It’s a lot of clicking.

Yeah I’m gonna say no its not fixed :slight_smile: