Part Status question

We have a need to document the Part Status.

Parts can be quoted that may not be setup fully for production use.

I tried to use the Part Hold option for this, but when I put the Part ON Hold I cannot quote it then. Close but not quite what we need.

I would like to be able to setup a Part and flag it as Quote only. This would not allow it to be put on a Sales order or job until the Part production detials are completed by the Engineering team.

I could setup a UD field for this with a BPM for Sales orders and job entry and probably other areas like Demand Entry, but wondering what others have done in a case like this.



Right, I have a lingering project on the to do list for the UD field version of this, too.

I started in on the BPMs and Functions for it and it was daunting and I just lost heart, frankly. It’s not that it is over my head (yet… there’s still time, though); rather, it’s just so much work to think of every scenario where a part is used and how you want your BPM(s) to react–allow, block, warn, etc.

Like a sales order - you have to warn/block/whatever for

  • New order from scratch
  • Duplicated order
  • Quote converted to order
  • Probably other ways to make a new line

And test. And test.

I mean this Epicor Idea might come close (Workflow engine), but I don’t have very high hopes that it will actually do what I want and you want and someone else wants (all different). It’s such a broad idea, and it would need a ton of flexibility.

Job security.

Ooh, vote for this one too:

Task Workflows as a designer like BPMs

That’s @jgiese.wci 's idea.

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