Pay by PO

I’m helping a company upgrade from E9 to E10.

They had an Epicor customization in E9 that they called ‘Pay by PO’. The idea is that suppliers sign up to simply be automatically paid, according to the PO Price, and Receipt Quantity, with no add on / Misc charges, and no need to send in an invoice.

Once per week or so, they run the process and it generates AP Invoices automatically from Received Not Invoiced Data.

Has anyone encountered this challenge and solved it in a non-custom way? I think we will be re-creating this Customization in E10, but sure don’t want to re-invent the wheel if we are missing a better way.


We have a BAQ that exports data to a Service Connect workflow that creates an AP Invoice Group and creates the invoices to pay. It has handled the upgrades between versions pretty well as it uses the business objects and the methods have not changed that drastically

Thanks Bernie, it’s good to hear that someone else is doing the same thing, and also validates the fact that it requires a custom solution.

Did you by chance ever log an enhancement request for this? If so we would like to add our site id to the list to try to get it on the Development roadmap.


Never requested an enhancement. We knew from the start on Vantage 8, 12 years ago that we needed to build this ourselves. The ‘new’ DocStar offering from Epicor will scan vendor invoices and automatically create invoices - it matches invoice qty to actual receipt qty and throws those invoices into a review queue. The pre-packaged workflow for APInvoices was too pricey for us so we will continue with our Service Connect workflow.