Setting up purchase orders to automatically receive

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Is there a way to set up purchase orders to automatically receive? Certain tasks we do here (machine service, other oddities) don’t provide receipt paperwork in the traditional sense, and we want to be able to select certain purchase orders in a way that they are transactionally received on their due date.

This could apply to all types of PO’s, inventory, subcontract, other and job material. Therefore, our solution cannot be “item/part number” based.

Thanks, everyone. Merry Christmas to all of you.

Sounds like a fairly big customization… if even possible.

I built a customization to one click receive selected PO lines from a populated grid. Ended up about 100 lines of code with error handling/retrieving next packslip. This receives any type of PO/Partial PO with the possible exception of subcontract… mainly because we do not use this.

The tricky part is scheduling this. Besides using an external program I’m not sure how to go about that.
Query the POs by due date, populate a table then iterate through.

Using the Receipt Adapter:
GetNewRcvHead, fill in the packslip and PO number along with anything else needed (see trace).
Again using trace, fill in RcvDtl dataset with PONum, line, ect… set Received/ReceivedComplete to 1.
Some trickery to jobseqtype being set correctly based on trantype. Also using PlantConfCtrlAdapter to find the default bins.

That’s pretty much it.

Sounds like a bigger security hole for fraud. A PO that effectively will automatically create a payment, with no user confirmation.

If your accountants are fine with this, I could setup an off-shore bank account for you to enter as the suppliers remit to, for you to test this out on. :wink: