Personalizations Aren't Saving After Updates

I set up a couple personalizations where I unhid and moved some fields for our guys in receiving and recently we’ve been noticing that when epicor does an update, those settings seem to revert back to the stock settings. What’s strange is, I have a ton of personalizations on my own account and I have never run into this. Is there something I can do to keep those settings from changing after the updates?

Personalizations are usually a problem whenever a screen is updated, not just by Epicor. If you REALLY want to, you can use Customization Maintenance and save the personalizations, then restore them after the update. I don’t recommend it though, as a matter of procedure, our company deletes personalizations when doing an Epicor upgrade. This is because fields may be added and/or removed, and the personalization will then break. The other thing to remember is personalizations are tied to a specific screen, dashboard or customization version. If you are the one making the change, then your personalization may carry over, but others will not.

Just some thoughts :slight_smile: