Pilot IIS stops on it's own

I’m working in our pilot setup on Cust Ship Entry and I suddenly loose connection after either searching or clicking for anything in Epicor; even when saving. I looked in EAC and the IIS is stopped. No one stopped it, it just went off.

I restarted the IIS, opened Epicor back up, opened Customer Shipment Entry, searched for shipment, loaded shipment, added weight, hit save, and down it went again. IIS was stopped again.

Anyone else experience this?


Issue found!

BPM was causing the issues. Turned it off, works just fine.

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YIKES :grimacing:

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What was the BPM doing? D=

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I had a BPM that was on CustShip.UpdateMaster and it was if ReadyToInvoice changes from false to true, then activate Function. Function invokes BO to Sales order.MasterUpdate to set a few fields after the order is shipped. Ordernum, custnum, and packID are passed from bpm to function. Well that is what i was trying for.

Overall goal is to set these fields, after shipment, as most orders do not ship 100% together and these needs fields need to be changed.

Somewhere in all of this, something went wrong and every time I opened Customer Shipment Entry, no matter what i did, Epicor crashed.

Yeah, glad it was in Pilot. First time I’ve ever done this.