PO Misc Line - Cost going to RNI GL

Wondering if anyone can assist with how Epicor should handle PO misc line charges. From my understanding, landed costs will roll these into the line, but we do not have that functionality. What we see is that the line costs balance, but the misc line charge itself is not going to the designated GL we assigned, but it is showing up as a debit in our RNI GL account. We previously created “other” lines, which we received and did not have this issue. We would like to continue utilizing PO Misc line charges for crating, expedite fess, etc and avoid this GL balancing issue. Anyone familiar and have a resolution? Or know what we may have set up wrong to cause this? Or is in fact landed costs that we need to have working to roll the misc charges into the line? Any assistance would be appreciated!

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are you adding the misc charge to the Receipt or to the AP Invoice? Do you have GL control code on the misc charge? Is that GL Control pointing to you final expense account for the charge?

We’re adding the misc charge to the PO Line. It is not received. It is being pulled into the AP Invoice Detail. We do have GL’s set up on the Misc charges, but they only seem to work when the misc charge is on the header and not the detail.