PO Suggestions - Closed Jobs

One of our facilities just started getting PO Suggestions for jobs that were closed 3-5 years ago.
Any thoughts on causes?

Can you post time phase image?

The SugPoDtl_PartNum has no records in TimePhase.
The (firmed / closed) job part number associated with suggestion has one UJ for 75 pcs because it is below Min.

Some More information if it helps, see attachment.

There is no relationship between the Suggestion part and the Job Part. It is like the system is linking to the wrong Job.

Hmm… I have seen something like this before… There was a problem a long time ago where you could create Make Direct POs against an UNFIRM JOB… THEN… tomorrow, MRP created new unfirm jobs that replaced the one you had… and then when you firmed that job, the PO was now linked to that unfirm job. It was really hard to trace back exactly what/why it happened…
Anyway, it could be something like this, or something screwed up in the PartDtl table. I would start tracking backwards from the job, looking at PartDtl and PO Suggestions.