PO suggestions for BTO sales order lines

We have several BTO/drop ship parts. Is there a way to prevent PO suggestions from combining different demand sources (Sales Orders) on one PO?

We would really like to have a 1:1 link between SO and PO.

I believe this is determined by the Days of Supply setting in Part Planning.

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Will check it out; thanks.

Seems like there is a split po checkbox on the part class that impacts the buy to order po’s? Going off of memory…

If the order lines have different comments, then separate POs will be created.

We had a similar issue and have moved to Capable to promise, which creates the PO straight from the sales order for BTO releases, assuming the Supplier defaults from the part or is updated on the release.

We did not see this. We have a PO generated by PO sugg that combines lines form four different SO, each with a different line comment.

Sorry, I was thinking Purchasing Comment. Which isn’t on OrderRel, but is on JobMtl.

How are you sorting your Material List on your New PO Suggestions?
Were all 4 lines on New PO Suggestions checked and then the user clicked Actions and “Generate Purchase Orders…” In that case, all 4 suggestions lines would be pulled into 1 Purchase order.

We always look at the SO number and will only combine multiple lines for “Buy To Order” suggestions (suggestions that have a direct link to a SO number) if they are for the SAME SO number and from the same supplier.