Point in Time Reporting

I am wondering what’s the best place to start for looking into Point in Time reporting for, as an example, AR balances, inventory costs, etc.
I think for certain things like inventory PartTran would be the place to start, but not sure about AR…
If anyone has insight, it’s appreciated!

You can do this with Temporal Tables but you need to convert the tables in order to support them.

I would look at dumping whatever data you want to analyze to SSAS or Azure on a schedule, which is what Epicor does with their PhocusBI product.

Do you know if the EDA (PhocusBI?) product does this pretty easily? I was talking to my rep and he seemed to think it didn’t, but I’m not sure he’s correct…

EDD is real-time BAQs. EDA has to build cubes.

Mark W.

If your questions are in their prebuilt dashboards then yes, it literally could not be easier. If not…

I assume it builds the cubes for me though? Or it is pretty hands on?

Interesting. Have you found it to be customization or is it pretty much you get what you get?

I don’t think there even are any cubes. From my understanding EDA uploads your data to Phocus every 24 hours and they just use MSSQL with “Phocas indexing algorithm technology, which collects, analyzes and stores data for fast and accurate retrieval”

Think of this more as a collection of prebuilt dashboards then a BI tool.


Interesting, thanks for the info!

Totally off topic but, I was looking more into their secret sauce, and while Phocus doesn’t have any patents Epicor has a few. For example:


Right. I should have said “indexes”. We got a demo at the MI-IN User Group Meeting. The UI is very intuitive. The load process is incremental if I recall…

Mark W.