Data archival best practices

Does anyone have best practices or experience using Purge and Summarize or other data archival methods for Epicor ERP that they can share?

I reached out to Epicor support for best practices on data archival / best practices recommendations on using purge and summarize, but was only directed to the kb general admin page.

From @timshuwy’s post it seems like [edit: feature is not new] Epicor doesn’t yet have recommendations on it. The @aidacra post in the knowledge base just describes how to run purge and summarize.

What I have done for auditors in several systems is to archive a permanent read only copy of the system, then purge transactional data which is available in the permanent archive copy, and was hoping there was a way to do something similar with purge and summarize. Our DB is over 1 TB with linear increase at the moment and mostly is filled up with TranGLC, PartTran, PartTranSNTran, SNTran over a five year span.

That feature existed in V8. So not really new.

But it would be nice if it had a “Report Only” option so it could tell you the outcome, without actually doing it.


There used to be an Answerbook on EpicWeb
I think you can still get at these on EpicCare but, can’t remember where off the top of my head.

Answerbook: 15370MPS
“TECH - logic for the database purge and summarize purge options (90570x)”
Describes some of the E9 selection criteria - I can only guess it’s the same for E10.
If so, you should be able to build BAQs that would give you an idea what records would be involved.

If I remember, the “summarize” part of this process will apply to some types of records where there are upper level summary reports.
So they should still be accurate, you just won’t be able to drill into the details anymore.