Print All Rpt Parameter- Issue with Mass Print

We are having issues printing all line/rel of receipts when printing the receipt label (RcvLabel). I have recently gone through to modify the SSRS report to get rid of bar codes and unnecessary fields in order to fit on our label printer. Now, when the Print All checkbox is selected on the print dialogue, only the first line/rel prints. The rest of the lines do not print and do not show up on the report in print preview. It is possible to print each line separately by selecting each one, but if the Print All checkbox is selected only the first will print.

In Report Builder, I see there is a RptParameter data set that has a field for PrintAll so I can see that it is selected, but I am not sure where this value should be connected. If I go back to previous Report Styles, the print all works, so I am assuming I deleted a connection to this parameter somewhere. I just cannot find where it would be.

Does anyone have any ideas for what the issue may be?

I don’t see anything that uses the PrintAll parameter, it is only defined in the parameters dataset.

You must’ve deleted something else, try to compare the base layout with your changes to see what could be the issue. Or do/undo your changes one by one to find the culprit.

Thanks for the reply. I spent quite some time going back and forth between the Backup and the edited report, but I could not find anything that would have caused the issue. I ended up restarting with the backup and making the changes again making sure not to delete anything I didn’t have to. It now works. Not quite sure what I deleted but glad I could get it to work!