Printing Attachments?

Is there really no way to have Epicor print attachments (PDF/JPG/PNG/etc.) when printing Sales Order Acks or Job Travelers, etc.? Or am I missing something that is staring me right in the face?

By default - no. By other means - yes. There are many discussions here on the topic but the simplest answers are:

  • Job Travelers - Epicor has a module you can purchase (cheap) call Epicor Job Traveler Attachments and it will handle what you are asking. Contact Custom Solutions Group via your CAM.
  • Quotes and Orders - best done with some custom code, unless the attachments are in ECM(Docstar) and you have the Advanced Print Routing (APR) module which allows for attaching attachments to what is being printed (or emailed). Best to search around here for the solution that works for you.
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That’s what I thought. I came from a house where we had the Job Packet Printer from Epicor, so I am used to attachments ‘just working’ when added to a job.

But for SO’s, PO’s, etc., this is all new to me.

Time to reach out to my CAM to see how much extra this is going to cost, heh.

You could also vote for this idea to make it part of the core product:

The ECM solution does work pretty well.

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