Printing report builder reports

I have a system running NT that I recently installed. I put the OS on from
scratch, SP6 included. I put vantage in and everything seems fine except
when I try to print a report builder report. I can edit the report from
that computer, but when I try to print the default printer (HP 2100 shared
by another NT workstation) is not available in the list. Furthermore,
trying to print to any printer in the list from there gets an error message
that the printer is not installed on the port. I can print directly from
vantage without problem, print from NT like note pad and printkey and word
work fine. I just have the problem in report builder reports. I bet and
hope I am overlooking something simple but if someone could just shout it
out I would be grateful.
Thanks in advance.

Aaron Hoyt
System Administrator
Design Standards Corp.
PO Box 1620
Charlestown, NH 03603
Tel 603-826-7744