Subject: RE: Up to here with printing

On the NT computer make sure you are logged on as the administrator when you
create the printer share.
Don't know if this will help. Just a thought.

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Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000 13:11:26 -0500
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Subject: RE: Up to here with printing...

Well, I used the NT/2000 drivers that are a little newer. That solved the
problem on the computer sharing the printer from a direct connection
(parallel). The problem I have now is that I have removed all printers from
the one that I really want to print the report from and just installed the
one printer (shared off another NT computer's parallel). Now when I try to
print it does not list any printers installed at all. It is like report
builder will only print to a physically directly attached printer and even
the fooling it into thinking the printer is on the parallel that NT does is
not enough. It wants some kind of personal interaction with the printer. I
have no problem with 95 or 98 but NT will not see that printer for Report
Builder. This is just stupid...The printer is there, I can print to it from
Vantage and every other application and Report Builder says it is not even
there at all. Am I the only one that has found anything like this? I would
love to just tell the purchasing manager that he has to print it on another
computer that is running 95 or 98 or the one that is physically connected,
but he will not accept this. He feel the need to print his budget report
from his NT computer and to that printer. I think I have tried everything
in reason...any other suggestions? The printer is now installed on the
parallel of an NT computer and also connected to the jetdirect.
Thanks for the response so far.

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