Purchase Order Suggestions. How to group together

When we run our PO suggestions we get certain parts having multiple suggestions. Is it possible to group all identical parts together? For example, instead of having 4 separate suggestions to order 5 identical parts, have one suggestion to order 20. We have tried changing the quantity on one PO to cover all the suggestions but when we run the process again the remaining suggestions are re created. Is there a setting somewhere that we need to change?
Thanks in advance

If the parts are to stock, changing the days of supply on the part planning tab should do it. That will combine all demand within that time frame into a single suggestion.
If you combine them manually you will need to lock the qty on the PO release otherwise Epicor will just tell you to reduce the qty on your original order and make a new suggestion.

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Look at the “Days of Supply” parameter. This allows you to group demands for parts within a date range, For example, if you have 4 suggestions for part number 123-ABC on 4 consecutive days, having a Days of Supply set to 4 (or anything greater than 4) will group those all into a single suggestion.

This is set in the Part master at the Part > Sites > Planning tab. The system help is pretty lame for this particular field, but there is a much fuller description in the MRP Technical Reference manual (and examples).

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@Carson, @Ernie, Thanks guys. I will have a look at the days of supply setting for these parts and see if I can get it working.