Qty on hand from negative to zero

We have parts where the quantity on hand is currently a negative number, i need to adjust those to be a zero. I have tried using the quantity adjustment in the DMT but I get an error
Table ttInventoryQtyAdj Msg: Adjustment quantity cannot be zero.

Is there a way to use the DMT to change the qty on hand to zero. I don’t want to have to manually do this.

The value you enter in Qty Adj, is the amount to adjust by. Not the final count.

And before you do that. Double check that the qty in other bins is correct.


I came up to this recently too. I don’t think DMT will help until you can manually make the change.
Try using (in pilot first!) the form called Refresh PartBin QOH from PartTran. Do this only for the part in question. This solved at least one of these issue for me!

Yes, to be clear, say you have:

Widget1PartNum Qty = -337

Your Qty Adjustment would be 337.

-337 + 337 = 0;

We don’t do DMT, we made a dashboard with some code that will do the math for the users
if they just wanted to set to 0 (or a set Qty). We also made it flexible so they could do both types
of adjustments.

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